Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jiggy Jibberish: A Nuclear Cool Column (2009 Post)

To show her size, the pink bag is my purse & that tiny creature is Cocoa!
Summer is coming! Summer is coming! After a pretty intense winter, I am quite certain I am not the only person in Kansas City that wants to scream that from the highest hill. I am longing to be outside enjoying the sun, the air and our amazing city at its best. First Fridays in the Crossroads, Loose Park and lazy spontaneous weekends with friends & family. Last summer was particularly special as I had a constant companion - a doggie named Cocoa. She was a pretty easy excuse to spend excess time at parks & going for walks. Admittedly, the attention she received from strangers created rich and memorable experiences for me as well. Simply put: It was lovely!

Along with this adorable doggie-pal, came unlimited access to the trampoline in my landlord’s yard, which I found myself gravitating towards almost daily. Jumping up & down not only felt physically amazing, but it also warmed my spirit in a deep and meaningful way. Images, scents, sounds and feelings from childhood came rushing back so vividly that I was sure a peak of my reflection would reveal the 8-year old me.

I recently spoke with a group of women about the importance of honoring the ‘inner-child’ in us all – allowing for more of those child-like moments in the midst of adult responsibility. For me, jumping on the trampoline was the golden gateway for my inner child to come out to play.

About 2 years ago, a healing practitioner told me that I needed to get a re-bounder (a mini trampoline), to help jump-start my lymphatic system. If I were to go back to him now, I am pretty darn sure my lymph system, as well as every other cell in my body, would assess at a much healthier level – not to mention the immeasurable healing of my soul.

It is amazing that something I did so carelessly in childhood could hold such value to me in my adult years. In the sea of infinite possibilities of self-care, this is my favorite one yet.
Have a fun, safe, happy, & child-like summer! Find a trampoline and rediscover the 8-year old you!

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