Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spiritual Warfare Dream!

Last night I had this dream that was really, really strange - yet encouraging. Normally I wake up from dreams like this and think: "nightmare, yuck. no need to remember that."  But this time I woke up 2 times; both times needing to write down an immediate interpretation of what was going on. That's not like me, but the pressure to write it down was heavy!

The setting was another world, kind of a dark world. I felt the presence of the enemy all around me because there was a lot of awful stuff going on. The thing that really struck me was the story of this girl. It was kind of a 3rd person/first person thing...there were times where the story was unfolding in front of me, like a movie & times where I was the girl (although she did not look like me or anyone I know). In this story, the girl has been tormented, many times, by an evil man. No matter where she moves, or what she does, he can find her and will again torment her physically, mentally, emotionally. Between every move the girl made to try to get away from the him, she would meet these wonderful men and try to have a relationship, but this evil man would kill the good men and reclaim the girl as his to possess & torture forever.

The girl is so worn down by trying to escape him & is somehow brought to the presence of a spiritual guide. This spiritual guide was a woman....her face never was shown, only her voice & a light representing her body. It was like she was a fairy or something. We'll call the spiritual guide God because I think in this dream it was God taking on a form that the girl, scared of men could be comfortable with. God told the girl that if she did everything she said, that the evil man would be destroyed forever. The girl was desperate for a way out of his grasp, so she let God bring her into many new routines & experiences, forcing her to break old habits. It was not easy because the girl was used to her way, her patterns, her old life, but she now recognized that the tools she needed were outside of the comfort zone.

The girl fully believed that this new life, in this new town, with God would be exactly the thing that keeps the evil man away forever. Then, the girl starts seeing & sensing him watching her, which obviously scares her to no end. She questions God, "why would you let him follow me? how could you watch me go through that now that I am with you?" Over time, and as the evil man gets closer, God reveals that it is not her change in location or the fact that she now believes in God that will keep the man away. She must gather tools, experiences & lessons much different that in her past; to fight him. That ultimately it will be a fight between her and the evil man, not God and the evil man.

God is training her, breaking her old patterns that allow him back in. As the girl allows God to put her into these scenarios she's never been in before, she feels herself getting stronger and more able to discern how the old patterns of hiding from the world gave her enemy the exact environment he needed to be victorious. There are these scenes of training - one was a karate class with other women learning to fight off predators. In these classes the girl was actually connecting to these women as her authentic self whereas in the past she tried to be what these other women needed her to be - ultimately a floor mat. It's this very thing that is the girl's biggest challenge...being herself, no matter what that means & no matter who does or doesn't like it. Not letting the needs of others determine her ultimate value, worth or personality. Even in the end scene the girl battles this very thing....

Everything jumps to this fight's out in a desert in these old sacred grounds. God tells the girl that people still live here and that they allow the grounds to be used for spiritual warfare, which they take part in as a ritual. God tells the girl that it is her job to find a place to remain silent, meditate & focus on the new tools she has to fight her enemy. All of a sudden, the girl feels her enemies presence fully for the first time since God began her new quest.

The fight begins....
The girl is supposed to be focused, but in the quite place she is being distracted by one of the residents asking her ridiculous questions about how she is going to use the grounds & how it is important to put everything back the way she found it. As the girl gets caught up in this, the evil man sees his opportunity to strike. All at the same time, the girl's awareness sharpens towards the man, away from the distraction (she literally throws the person out of the room) & towards God who is now right at her side - helping her with the fight she thought she was going to have to do alone.

That is when I woke up. Grrr, but I think it is significant that I didn't get to finish this fight. There are so many metaphors here that I interpret to my life....

*The biggest spiritual metaphor is that the evil man is not a man - it is Satan. This is how He knows where the girl is at all times.

*I believe that Satan did not acutally kill the men in the girls life, but instead used the habits/patterns in the girl that did NOT represent God to drive the man away. The girl saw it as a death because she did not understand that it was coming from her spirit nor did she have the skills necessary to move on in a healthy way; carrying the trauma of each separation with her forever.

*The biggest personal metaphor is the 'distraction' & co-dependent behavior being a part of Satan's ammo towards the girl. I now feel compelled to break even my daily patterns / routines to see what lies outside of the 'norm'.

*I didn't wake up to a classic ending because I truly believe that spiritual warfare will be a forever battle - until Heaven. I pray once we get to Heaven that isn't part of our existence anymore. I do know that we have a spiritual army here too. In another scenario, on another night, I woke up frozen with fear and a sense of an evil spirit in my room. Finally, it went away and in its place were four soldiers with wings carrying gold staphs in each corner of the room.

*I feel like this was part of my spiritual warfare training. God is so cool! He knows how to train each of us in a very unique and special way so that we may acutally learn from Him. Some people interpret it as that they are the only ones that have these messages, but I truly feel that God sends them to all of His children, all of the time. We are just more aware of it at certain know, the 'aha moments'. We all have them. The special & uniqueness comes from God, not us. Just like to keep the humble nature of our gifts, well humble.

Anyway, it was one of the coolest dream experiences of my life. I wish they were every night! It is like having my own personal movie that actually has significant meaning to me. Love this! Thank you Father!

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